Healing Poetry

Time is a force that few are able to stop. The slow creep of age and the progression of years can rob us of many things. While joints are known to ache and hair will grey, few results of age are as frightening as losing your memory. Dementia robs us of our loved ones long before their time, and leaves them with pieces, faded recollections of a long life well lived. But what if there was a way Rick Maackto help those with dementia? What if poetry could reach those who had since been unreachable?

Having lost both of her parents to Alzheimer’s disease, project pioneer Molly Meyer set out on a mission. Her goal, to prevent anyone from having to watch their loved ones fade before their eyes along with years of precious memories along with them. After earning her Master of Fine Arts in poetry, Meyer opened Mind’s Eye Poetry. In her own words, Meyer’s views this as her chance to rewrite dementia, and offer those coping with the frustrating ailment a creative outlet.

Rather than focus on what is missing from her patients, Meyer’s prefers to see the potential in each of her clients. Creative expression is an amazing way to relieve stress, battle depression, and clear the mind. Far too often, patients are treated as being feeble or incapable, further cementing the idea that they are a lost to us. But the nearly 700 pieces of poetry produced by patients in Meyer’s program begs to differ.

With her program focused on anchoring patients in the present moment, allowing them to focus on their work, Meyer’s has already seen some amazing results. Patients, after years of silence, suddenly open up with waves of creative expression. Though dementia may not have a cure at present, Molly has returned some semblance of normalcy for those suffering with it.

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